Partners and Ambassadors

Official Partners and Ambassadors

At iconic32 we develop + cultivate an ecosystem of thinkers, doer’s and business partners who today are already bringing powerful change and progress to society, lives, and mindsets through their body of work.  We then integrate the next generation of thinkers to explore and advance cultural movements that create true impact.

Below are some of the visionaries and leaders that are instigating change and fueling unique ways of thinking, and doing. Stand up and make the pledge to creativity with us:

Official Partner Foundations

Anquan Boldin Foundation

Anquan Boldin

The Anquan Boldin Foundation (or Q81 Foundation), which was founded in 2004 by current NFL San Franciso 49ers player and global human rights activist Anquan Boldin, is one of several partners that iconic32 will work closely with in order to drive critical, positive change for youth. Q81 positively impact youth through sports, but also helps it youth participants on a much broader level, from nutritional education to academic scholarship and after-school programs.

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Anquan Boldin Foundation

Common Ground Foundation


The Mission of the Common Ground Foundation is to use creative arts to expose youth to new opportunities. The organization’s primary focus is to teach and impact youth, ages 13-15, in the areas of character development, creative expression, and healthy living. Because of its great influence on today’s children, the Common Ground Foundation was recognized by CNN Heroes in 2011 and the BET Hip Hop Awards as a philanthropic organization doing great work in urban communities in 2010.

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Common Ground Foundation

Official Ambassadors

Skyler Grey

Skyler Grey

From tragedy to triumph: that has been the journey of 14-year-old urban artist and philanthropist Skyler Grey, “The Fresh Prince of Street Art”. After his mother died when he was two, his father put him in therapy, which included drawing. Since then,  Skyler has become one of the most popular young artists across the globe.

Check out his Instagram @skylergreystreetart